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Alpine Motorcycle Rally

2021 Alpine Motorcycle Rally Flyer .....

Entry fees can be prepaid here , badge & sticker is included.

Proceeds of this goes towards costs incurred to hold the Alpine, eg firewood, etc.

Howdy folks!

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 crisis the actual rally site will be totally dependent on restrictions at that time. So we are aware of numbers, this year again, will be PREPAIDS ONLY, and invitations to this years' Rally facebook page will be sent to those who have prepaid, for any discussions and announcements to be made.

For the weekend's events, we encourage those attending, or wherever we are, to share memories, photos of previous rallies, chat to others, in group or messenger, or find old friends. For those who may be unable to attend, you might choose to camp in your own backyards: park your bike in the backyard, pitch a tent, and share pics of themselves in front of the bike/tent with other "attendees" while drinking their preferred beverage and telling tall tales of how much fun the ride to the rally was.

Invitations will be sent to those who prepaid to join the facebook page event

We thank those who have already Pre Paid by direct debit or through Paypal in the shop, and look forward to more joining us.

Prepaids and other items can now be purchased directly from the shop at

The Alpine Motorcycle Rally held each year on the Queens Birthday - June Long Weekend. Started in 1969, it is the longest running rally for motorcycles happening in Australia.

Held in the cold climes of the Snowy Mountains area of NSW: warm clothing, food, sleeping bag and appropriate tent are essential as the temperatures regularly go down to -10oC (or more) overnight, so you must be prepared if you do attend. Remember liquids can freeze. A cover for your bike will help keep the frost off.

Enquiries to Paul Corradini on email [email protected] or phone 0409 963801

No responsibility will be accepted by the organisers or the land owners of the event.