Alpine Motorcycle Rally

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The Alpine Motorcycle Rally held each year on the Queens Birthday - June Long Weekend. Started in 1969, it is the longest running rally for motorcycles (no cars) happening in Australia.

Held in the cold climes of the Snowy Mountains area of NSW, the sites alternate yearly between Brindabella (private property) and Yarrangobilly Homestead camping area.  Warm clothing, food, sleeping bag and approprate tent are essential as the temperatures regularly go down to -10oC (or more) overnight, so you must be prepared if you do attend. Remember liquids can freeze.  A cover for your bike will help keep the frost off.

Presentations for the weekends are held on the Sunday, this year (2013) almost 200 badges were sold, and the newest novelty of undies and g strings with logo.....sold out!

To encourage our younger generation to attend this & other rallies, so we dont lose our tradition, the three youngest riders who attend, will have their entry fee refunded. This year's youngest rider was 23 yrs old, so fun for all ages.

This next rally in 2017 will be held at Cotterill's Cottage or Yarrangobilly Homestead on the Snowy Mountains Highway., notifications closer to the event will be posted. 

Rally cost: $27 prepaid and $30 on site.

Enquiries to Henning Jorgensen on email [email protected]

No responsibility will be accepted by the organisers or the land owners of the event.